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Brian Asher Alhadeff

Opera San Luis Obispo
Artistic Director & Principal Conductor
San Luis Obispo, Ca.
My interests lie in expanding global awareness of opera through large-scale civic collaborations. Opera is the Olympics of Classical Music – it's where all classical arts converge together on one stage: orchestra, ballet, chorus, soloist, acting, and the design arts of lighting, costume, makeup, and set. Opera is unique in that it is the performance genre responsible for uniting the greatest number of independent artistic forces on one stage at the same time. Where grand opera exists, classical arts thrive! San Luis Obispo is a thriving melting pot for classical arts in which a rich family of instrumentalists, singers, dancers, and visual artists cross-populate several larger arts ensembles. These inter-artistic relationships are abundant between vocalists and choruses, dancers and dance companies, stage personnel and concert halls, and instrumentalists and orchestras. I believe the power of collaboration is the new frontier for not only opera, but for all classical arts. When complimentary arts organizations hold hands and work together, creative forces merge, new collaborative marketing and performance platforms are created - in essence, the planets align and produce extraordinary outcomes. I am very interested in networking and developing connections for sharing productions and also reaching out for operatic guest conducting opportunities.