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Ethan Gans-Morse

- Composer, Co-Founder, and Director of Anima Mundi Productions.
- Composer of "The Canticle of the Black Madonna" (premiered 2014) and "Tango of the White Gardenia" (premiering 2018).
- Executive Director of Anima Mundi Productions. Anima Mundi means “The Soul of the World” and refers to our conviction that the soul of humanity and the fate of the planet are intertwined. We seek to heal the soul of the world through the arts by providing experiences of new music and poetry that bring people into their hearts and imagination, demonstrate the power of beauty, and heal societal wounds through direct experiences of love and human interconnection.
- See www.cbmopera.com/trailer
- Come find us at the Anima Mundi Productions table in the exhibitor hall.