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Behold the Man Opera
Denver, CO
Fowler + Flack’s "Behold The Man/La Ópera del Ecce Homo" is a contemporary, bi-lingual, two-act fairy tale based on a true story. Set in the Aragon village of Borja, Spain, it mixes classical with pop, Jota with tango, flamenco and fandango. All of it colliding with the musical universe found on the Internet in 2012. Almost six years in development, including two staged readings and a 2016 concert of scenes performed in Borja, the Spanish village where our story is set, last month we participated in a wonderfully successful orchestral reading at ASU under the direction of Brian DeMaris. Video of these performances is now available. Created for audiences of all ages—with the premise "your disaster is often the source of your miracle"—we believe this is opera for a new generation. We call it a "gateway" musical experience in an operatic style...and how appropriate to introduce it here beside the Gateway Arch. Composer Paul Fowler and I are now interested in meeting partners who can help us take the next step in our development.

Tuesday, June 19

8:00pm CDT

Wednesday, June 20

1:00pm CDT

2:00pm CDT

8:00pm CDT

Thursday, June 21

9:15am CDT

11:00am CDT

3:30pm CDT

8:00pm CDT

Friday, June 22

10:30am CDT

6:00pm CDT

8:00pm CDT

Saturday, June 23

8:00pm CDT