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Jeri Sedlar

OPERA America Board of Overseers
Jeri Sedlar is an author, motivational speaker, and has earned the title of America’s “rewiring®” expert. She is a master of retirement life planning and has been doing research on personal growth and transition for over 20 years. She has interviewed hundreds of professionals, entrepreneurs, and pre-retirees in all industries about their hopes, dreams and fears about the future.She is the creator of the concepts of rewiring® and rewirement® or as she defines it, the new way to do retirement. Jeri’s philosophy is , “I don’t care what people call the future, retirement or rewirement®, I care about how people live their future!” Along with financial and good health management, Jeri is focused on helping individuals better understand the tangible and intangible aspects of planning for the future. Jeri’s goal is to help people identify what drives them, then to unearth the people, places and things that will keep them engaged and connected with life throughout their life.Jeri fostered change as Editor at Large of WORKING WOMAN magazine, challenging women to break through real and perceived glass ceilings to success. Now as the co-author of DON’T RETIRE, REWIRE! and Senior Advisor at The Conference Board, Jeri travels the country inspiring individuals and organizations to "get creative" and rewire® their thinking and action when it comes to surviving and thriving in life today and tomorrow.Jeri challenges individuals to get out of their own way and break through society’s as well as their own individual “silver ceilings” if they hope to continue having fulfillment at work, play, in the community and life overall.