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Phil Melcher, CPP, CAS

St. Louis Cardinals, LLC
Director of Security
Phil is the Director of Security for the St. Louis Cardinals and has over 30 years of security, law enforcement, military and intelligence experience. As the St. Louis Cardinals Director of Security, Phil is responsible for all public safety and security at Busch Stadium, including the protection of all Cardinals players, employees and fans.

He started his career in security as a NYC Police officer and later joined the Army in 1984 and the Special Forces (Green Berets) in 1991.

In Special Forces, he was a medical and operations specialist. He conducted and participated in over 25 missions in Central and South America in support of US counter-narcotics, counter-terrorism and counter-insurgency efforts.

While in Special Forces he served as Sergeant Major for an international peace keeping operation, Operation Safe Border, on the border between Ecuador and Peru. He has trained Special Operations Forces from Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Venezuela, Bolivia, Honduras, Suriname, Paraguay and Argentina in Counter-narcotics and counter-insurgency operations. He was the primary Special Forces liaison and advisor for the US Military Groups in Colombia and Ecuador for counter-narcotics and counter-terrorism missions from 1999-2001, and was the principal coordinator for Plan Colombia. Phil later served as the Chief Instructor for the first phase of training for all Special Operations Medical professionals and then later as the senior medical supervisor for the Army’s Special Warfare Center at Ft. Bragg. Phil retired from the Army and Special Forces in 2004 after twenty plus years of service.
He’s taught for the Sensitive Investigations Unit at the DEA Academy in Quantico, VA, Terrorism Awareness and Homeland Security at Sanford Brown College and is a former Adjunct Professor at Webster University in the Cyber Security Master’s program.
Phil worked at the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) as the Deputy Chief of Security Operations West, Chief of Site and Special Programs Security Teams, and the Chief of Information Security West. At NGA, Phil authored the NGA Incident Response Plan, Security Guidance for the Protection of Classified and Sensitive Information, and numerous other security policies still in use by NGA today. Phil was also a Spanish linguist with the agency and in the US Army.